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This magazine is created for the woman who enjoys entertaining and wants creative, sophisticated ideas for her family and friends to enjoy. The Gracious Hostess offers music, specialty drink recipes, and narration to name a few benefits.

Available in print and mobile.


Gracious Hostess


Pet Parent's



Classic Male

Created for new and seasoned pet parents, this guide shows a variety of ways that pet parents can help and protect their precious companions. Available in print and mobile.


The Classic Male Magazine features enticing articles about men’s style, travel, sports, business, technology, relationships, and success. The Classic Male (TCM) readers are success-oriented, affluent men who enjoy style and want to excel in their career or business, and in their personal life.

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Hopelessly Romantic Magazine
Luxury Magazines A Gracious Hostess
Luxury Magazines The Classic Male Winter 2014 - Joshua Fredric
Luxury Magazines A Pet Parent's Guide To Keeping Healthy pets