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This issue of Hopelessly Romantic Magazine  is all about love—in fact, our theme is “Fall in Love.” Falling in love can mean different things to different people, and it can be either exciting or frightening. When we chose this theme, my creative juices began to flow and I thought of so many men and women who want to be in love, but are scared of love at the same time.  After writing this piece, I needed actors who could pull off the story without words. 

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Available Jan 2015.

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This fall our theme is all about love.  I chose San Francisco and of course one of my favorite romantic destinations - Sausalito.  I am fortunate to have had the most amazing professional models to create a sense of sexy romance.  The evening shoot could not have made for a better setting.   Thank you, Matt Weber and Arlene Barshinger for your wonderful work helping me create this piece.

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 Welcome to Hopelessly Romantic Magazine FALL 2014!   Make sure to  share our page.   We'd love it!

I want you to think back on the happiest time of your life. Everyone assumes that their happiest memories are from a time when they were young and had no worries. This could be the case; however, perhaps your happy memories are because you tried different things! Maybe you were more open to adventure. If your friend asked you to skip work and go to that fashion show, concert, movie, or whatever your preferred entertainment was, you did it. I know I did, and I did not think twice about it.  Read more...


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Victoria Napolitano

I am not just a graphic designer, I am a visual media specialist. I create virtual and printed magazines, brochures, and ad campaign posters, as well as custom 3D logo and advertising animations, promotional videos, and logo designs.  With thirteen years of experience in the marketing, advertising, and design field, I am prepared to take on any visual media design project. I am Editor-in-Chief of Hopelessly Romantic Magazine, our in-house flagship publication enjoyed by thousands of readers worldwide. I have designed and published more than one hundred twenty magazines, and over two hundred fifty web sites that include stunning broadcast quality 3D animations that make my clients stand out.  I work with a talented and ethical team of writers, photographers, engineers, graphic designers, and printers, which is why I prefer freelance projects over working as an hourly employee. My clients benefit from the synergistic creativity of my team, while saving on the costs of hiring an employee who may not have all the skills needed for every project. You tell me your needs, and I will collaborate with you to get it done quickly and efficiently with a creative flare you can only get from a team who has been working together for years.